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“Sensatori - A Cautionary Tale!”

May 18, 2017

Although Sensatori is sold as an upmarket experience by Thomson Holidays it does not match the expectation.

The property was great - the facilities work and do look good. First impressions on arrival are great - supported by a glass of sparkling wine!

The staff were attentive, good at looking after you, and really friendly. But .....

On arrival we reported a problem with our basin's plug which meant you couldn't fill the basin to use it. Was anything done about this? No. The hotel and the local reps simply did nothing to resolve the issue. Not that I could use the phone in my room to complain about it - that didn't work and, once again, the hotel did nothing to fix it after I reported it. Both basin and phone were still not fixed when we left. 

What the brochures don't tell you is that the hotel is squeezed into a space between the beach and main road. The result of this is the main road is extremely noisy so to be in an 'island paradise' and to be woken by lorries trundling down the road and noisy motor bikes at 6 a.m. is not my idea of paradise!

We were doubly unfortunate to be in a room in a block that was being refurbished so, apart from the noise involved, there were days were we couldn't use the swim up facility in the room as the smell of acrylic paint was overpowering.

The beach was beautiful but it was a shame that the Bali beds on the beach were in a poor condition - with many of them missing drapes - which kind of defeats the idea! Another issue was the fact that there were not enough beach towels for all the residents - and the place wasn't full!

The departure from the hotel was a total fiasco. The coach that arrived was not large enough to take everyone and their baggage - net result was a third world style transfer to the airport which definitely was not an upmarket experience.

One small point. On a Thomson cruise the bed turn down service is included in the price irrespective of what you pay. At Sensatori this has to be paid for as an extra. Not what you would expect from a quality holiday offering.

Overall, I would not recommend the Sensatori brand based on this experience as we have had equal and better service from other Thomson holidays at a considerably lower price.

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